Winter Retreat 2017 – Bagua and Meditation

Qi Gong winter retreat with Ron Timm

Bagua Circle Walking, Daoist Meditation, Interactive Practice
Poland, 26th February – 4th March 2017


This retreat will be dedicated to the practice of Bagua Circle Walking and Daoist Meditation.

Circle Walking Meditation is a dynamic way to quiet a busy mind, a way to calm the negative affects of extreme emotions, and a way to restore a scattered spirit back into an integrated whole. The practice simultaneously builds internal power, aerobic fitness, physical strength and nimble footwork, through the use of continuous movement.

Based on the spiritual principles of the ancient Daoists („mystic scientists” who follow the Natural Way and Truth of the Universe), the core of the Circle Walking meditation practices teaches to „seek stillness within movement.” By continuously stepping in circular patterns and going at varying speeds, one can train the body/mind to find a still point inside where everything feels centered, balanced and effortless.

Further on we will work with some of the “Six Dragon Exercises” and integrate them into our Circle Walking as a transition to change the walking direction.

For the first time also I will introduce different hand holds/positions, which are known as the fundamental nei gong exercise of bagua. These holds open certain energetic links according to the inherent spiral nature of the body, so that the body opens up more and becomes strong and connected.

Our ability to find inner order, stillness and peace will not only be improved through Circle Walking and meditation, but moreover we will deepen our experience of healing, understanding and reconciliation with the help of the interactive practices. A process that started very promising last year during the winter retreat.

The retreat is open for all, beginners or advanced. We will work on areas that are new and full of learning experiences for everybody.

The venue:

„Wytwornia Ciszy” (Silence Manufactory), the center for retreats and workshops, is located in central Poland, near Uniejow, less than two hours drive from Warsaw. We have a beautiful, spacious, over 100m2 hall with wooden, heated floor. The center kitchen will offer us full vegetarian meals 3x a day with dessert. Tea-coffee corner is available all the time. Accommodation mainly  in 2 – or 3-bed rooms with private bathrooms. Right near the house there is a fragrant, quiet pine forest. More about the venue:

How to get there?
We can arrange a shuttle service either from the Warsaw airport or from the city center. If you’re going by your own car, the location of the venue is here.


We start at 6pm on Sunday 26th Feb. and finish at 11am on Saturday 4th March. There will be 7 hours of practice daily (lectures and exercises), held in English, with professional translation into Polish.

If you’re interested, there will be the possibility of spending evening time in thermal baths at Uniejow (14 km from our place). More info about the place: and
Price for the retreat (food, lodging and classes) is)*:

1 person (in double room) – shower/WC   810 CHF
2-bed room – shower/WC          780 CHF
3-bed room – shower/WC          750 CHF
1 person (in double room) – shower/WC on the same floor 780 CHF
2-bed room – shower/WC on the same floor     750 CHF
4-bed room – shower/WC on the same floor     720 CHF
dormitory (own sleeping bag)                            680 CHF

)* Price does not include camp insurance. Participants are asked to self-insure from accidents.

1-bedrooms cannot be guaranteed as we wish to give the possibility to participate to as many people interested as possible.

 Due to limited number of places making a reservation via email and an advance payment is decisive.

Infos and inscription:

Feel invited!