What participants say about Qigong workshops with Ron Timm

“For a long time I thought about Qi Gong, but I was not sure if it will be suitable for me – I had a fixed atrial fibrillation. I decided, however, to take part in a two weekend workshops in Warsaw and then went for a week-long winter Qi Gong retreat in “Wytwornia Ciszy” – a charming place. A few weeks before departure, my ECG showed atrial fibrillation, two weeks after the return my ECG was normal! A normal life returned, very active, cheerful, full of work”.

“I do Qi Gong as an inner development practice. It is my meditation in motion. It allows me to be here and now. Opens up for me my own uncharted territory in myself. Thanks to Qi Gong I can feel more, I can see more, I can understand more. It expands my consciousness, which brings me to  experiencing the essence and beauty of life more deeply. ”

“I am over 20, I work in a large corporation, and in my free time I go to the chorus, or yoga classes. I discovered Qi Gong in 2012, and I think it is one of the most effective ways to achieve permanent inner peace, well-balanced and flexible body. This requires discipline, yes, but the effects are truly priceless! I remember how I felt after a summer camp with Ron in August 2012: just calm, quiet inside but full of self-collected energy! I would recommend it. ”