Taoist Yoga & Longevity Breathing 16-17 June 2018

This workshop will be unique, because relatively little known Taoist Yoga will be taught by Ron Timm in Poland for the first time..

The goal of Taoist Yoga is to open up a system of body and nerves by relaxing the nervous system and allowing the harmonious flow of Qi energy in the body. For this purpose, opening positions are used that work much deeper than just stretching the body.

Complementary to this, but equally important, is Longevity Breathing.

The way we breathe has a major impact on our nervous system and the circulation of Qi in the body.

Taoist breathing allows you to regulate the nervous system. It also facilitates opening and relaxing the body by propagating the movement of the diaphragm on the whole body. Finally, this way of breathing “drives” the circulation of body fluids and Qi energy.

The fact that we breathe 24 hours a day shows that the way we breathe has a fundamental impact on our lives and its quality.

Being in toucht with our breathing and our respiratory patterns also means being in a close contact with ourselves. Establishing of deep and regular abdominal breathing is the basis of all meditation practices and Qi Gong.

During the workshop, we will use Taoist Yoga position and Longevity Breathing techniques as mutually complementary methods for maximizing health benefits.

Course schedule

Saturday & Sunday, 16-17.06.2018
from 10 am to 6 pm, lunch break 1-3pm.
The workshop wil be held in English with Polish translation.

Venue: Liceum im. Cervantesa

ul. Zakrzewska 24


Location on the map

Entrance (marked as ‘wejście’ on the picture) & parking:

You can get more info writing to kontakt@qigong.edu.pl or calling +48 602 440 660.