Summer retreat 2017

Hands Move Like Clouds and HalfMoon Step
deepening of the practice
– summer retreat with Ron Timm in Poland

20-26th of August 2017

Qi gong is the foundation for any kind of bodywork, work with energies, martial arts and meditation. To do Taijiquan as an inner martial art, a good and profound Qi Gong practice is required. One could say that Taiji is but a form of Qi Gong. Here you can see that the practices of Qi gong and Taijiquan are strongly interwoven and share the same source.

Within this retreat we will use and learn Qi gong exercises as a basis and then deepen our understanding of Qi gong (moving the Qi) as we enter into the fields of Taijiquan. To do so we will learn the “Cloud Hands” – a beautiful and touching set of exercises that will create the link from Qi Gong to Taiji. Further on in the classes we will discover the different qualities of Qi (yin and yang), work with them and realize their importance for our health and wellbeing.
Cloud Hands” is a series of three simple movements that can easily be learnt. The practice of cloud hands harmonizes the interplay of the right and left hemisphere, treats the back in a gentle way, has a soothing effect on the nervous system and in this way it leads us into the subject of moving meditation.

In order to work on the deeper levels of ourselves this retreat will also cover and embrace the subject and practice of moving meditation. Later in the week we will learn Half Moon step and connect the Cloud Hands with the stepping.

In the end we will have learned an intense and complete practice that incorporates all aspects of human life (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and that can be exercised and deepened over many years.

The retreat is open for all, beginners or advanced, as we will work on areas that are new and full of learning experiences for everybody.

The venue: 

“Wytwórnia Ciszy” (The Source of Tranquility), the center for retreats and workshops, is located in central Poland, near Uniejow,  less than two hours drive from Warsaw. We have a beautiful, spacious, over 100m2 hall with wooden floor and a beautiful meadow right at the house. The canteen serves full vegetarian meals 3x a day with dessert. Tea-coffee corner is available at all times. Accommodation is mainly  in 2 or 3-bed rooms with private bathrooms. More about the venue:

How to get there?
We can arrange a pick up for you either from the Warsaw airport or from the city centre, in cars of other participants (or a shuttle if needed).
GPS coordinates: @52.044995,18.737097
link to the map :


We start at 6:30pm on Sunday 20th of August and finish at 11am on Saturday 26th of August. There will be 7 hours of practice daily (lectures and exercises), held in English, with professional translation into Polish.

For those interested in this kind of summer recreation, we plan to visit in the evenings the thermal baths at Uniejow (14 km from our place)
Right near the house there is a fragrant, quiet pine forest.

Price for the retreat (food, lodging and classes) is)*: 

Price for the retreat (food, lodging and classes) is)*:

1-bed room (in double room) – shower/WC 810 CHF
2-bed room – shower/WC 780 CHF
3-bed room – shower/WC 750 CHF
1-bed room (in double room) – shower/WC on the same floor 780 CHF
2-bed room – shower/WC on the same floor 750 CHF
3-/4-bed room – shower/WC on the same floor 720 CHF
dormitory (own sleeping bag) 680 CHF

* Price does not include camp insurance. Participants are asked to self-insure from accidents.


Due to the limited number of available places, reservations received via email will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis and will be decisive.

How to sign up: 

Please sign up by sending an email to

Feel invited!