Standing like a Tree and Taoist Breathing – 10-11.11.2018

“A small movement is better than a large movement,
no movement is better than a small.
Silence is the mother of all movement. ”

(Wang Xian Zhan – one of the masters of Zhan Zhuang)

Standing Qi Gong is the basis of internal martial arts and internal work in Qi Gong. It is used for regulating the body, gathering and strengthening our qi and cleansing the nervous system.

During these classes, we will focus on centering and functional organizing our body by practicing Qi Gong in stillness. The Zhan Zhuang system of exercises gives us a deep insight into both the mechanical and energetic structure of the body.

On the physical level, we will work with the force of gravity and on the energy level with the polarity of sky and earth. Within extended periods of standing in specific positions, the body will begin to regulate itself in accordance with cosmic principles. After some time, as a result of this practice a sense of a center and centerline (central channel) is established.

This reorganization of the body towards its center creates a good base for a deep experience of relaxation and stillness. This stillness is for us the foundation of a sincere and true relationship with oneself and the world. Being in such a stillness, we can hear and understand the world better.

Zhan Zuang (standing like a tree) is a simple practice that allows you to achieve deep effects in all aspects of our being: physical, energetic, emotional and also spiritual. Zhan Zhuang is known for the possibilities it offers in terms of deep relaxation, stabilization and cleansing of the nervous system.

Breathing is closely related to our emotions and our nervous system. The ability to guide and lead our breath to the lower centers of the body will support internal processes in the practice of standing like a tree. Therefore, focusing on breathing will be an important part of our work during the workshop.

Taoist breathing allows you to regulate the nervous system. It also facilitates opening and relaxing the body and enhances the circulation of body fluids and qi in the body.

The fact that we breathe 24 hours a day shows that the way we breathe has a fundamental impact on our lives and its quality. Establishing deep and regular abdominal breathing is the basis of all meditation practices and Qi Gong.

The workshop is for all interested, both for advanced and beginners in Qi Gong.

Course schedule

Saturday & Sunday, 10-11.11.2018
from 10 am to 6 pm, lunch break 1-3pm.
The workshop wil be held in English with Polish translation.

Venue: Liceum im. Cervantesa

ul. Zakrzewska 24


Location on the map

Entrance (marked as ‘wejście’ on the picture) & parking:

You can get more info writing to or calling +48 602 440 660.