Ron Timm

Born in 1970 in Germany,

  • since 1990 training martial arts – Qi Gong, Kung Fu, TaiJi – with master Thammavong from Laos, and first contact with meditation with him
  • since 1995 shiatsu practitioner, graduated at ISS-Kiental(in Switzerland) with Saul Goodman (USA)
  • study of the Healing Dao system by master Mantak Chia, practice of Taoist meditation and zazen
  • study of Macrobiotics with Steven Acuff (Sweden), Françoise Rivière, Renée Levi (France)
  • since 1999 QiGong and inner martial arts training as a student of master Peng Wu Chi, Taiwan
  • since 2000 study of SeikiSoho with Akinobu Kishi Sensei (Japan)
  • since 2007 student of Bruce Frantzis (USA). Energy Arts – Taoist Water Way. Energy Arts Instructor.

Living in Switzerland since 1999, until 2017 a residential teacher in Kientalerhof. Teaches in Switzerland, Germany and Poland.


Qi Gong I teach and practice is very functional. The exercises are not  just for the sake of performing them, but rather they have a very specific purpose, which consists of two things: on the one hand, it is about building inner strength and structure, which is connected with martial arts. On the other hand, we learn to relax and purify our nervous system – then stillness and peace come, and this connects it with meditation. The way to achieve this is Nei Gong, the inner work.