Raising and sinking, low tides and high tides are the ancient movements of life, which have a significant effect on our health and our well-being. They are exemplified by inter alia the day and night rhythm, the quality of our sleep and our life in general, the bloodflow, body temperature and heartbeat rhythm.

The nature of energy is to move, flow. When the energy stops flowing we feel bad or get ill. We call it an energy block. Unblocking and moving the energy is the first of the aims of Qi Gong exercises practiced in movement. After reaching this aim there follows a stage when the exercise should follow the energy that is already flowing. The next level of exercises is meant to streamline this flow and control the energy.

In brief, the levels of Qi Gong practice are

  • Unblockingand moving the energy
  • Followingthe energy
  • Streamlining and controlling the flow of energy

The workshop is a perfect introduction to Qi Gong practice, its principles and effectiveness. It is designated to everyone who is interested in Qi Gong exercises and everyone who wants to feel better.

Venue and schedule

conference room of ‘Dzielnicowe Biuro Finansów Oświaty’,
ul. Grochowska 262 (at the corner of Podskarbińska), Warszawa.
Saturday and Sunday,  May 30th-31st 2015,
form 10:00 till 18:00, lunch break from 13:00 till 15:00.
Workhsop will be run in English and translated into Polish

How to register
Write an email to: kontakt@qigong.edu.pl
or call to: +48 602 440 660.