Qigong workshop 21-22 April – Small Vegetables & Fang Song Gong

Small Vegetables & Fang Song Gong – Qigong workshop – 21-22 April 2018

This special workshop will deal with two topics – ‘Small Vegetables’ and Fand Song Gong and we will have time to get to know a variety of small and smallest exercises which will support and complete our Qi Gong practice. This weekend is a perfect introduction to Qi Gong and is ideal for people who feel the need and want to start practicing Qi Gong on their own and at home.

Theme of the workshop

Small vegetables

The name “small vegetables” in this context refers to a traditional Chinese meal where beside the main dish you get a variety of side dishes, little cups and plates with different vegetables, leaves, stalks, roots and berries prepared in various ways. These ingredients are also used in Chinese herbal medicine and have the function to balance and complete the dish on the levels of energy, taste and content. Hence these “little vegetables” are actually making a dish healthy and digestible.
Analogically we will learn in this course various small exercises which often tend to be left out in courses with other main topics. These exercises complete others which have already been or will be learned. I personally appreciate these exercises because they are small but effective.  Partly they can prepare, partly reinforce, they inspire the body, prepare structures and eliminate states of misbalance. Just like the vegetables they have a completing effect, are nutritious, precious and healthy and build a good base for Qi Gong, Taiji or other body work.

Fang Song Gong

From Chinese: Practice of letting go, relaxing. We learn different exercises and through them ways and manners of relaxing the body. These practices have an effect mainly on the upper extremities and the spine. In those arias of the body we also find the most spread and common tension patterns (for example shoulders, neck and back). But simultaneously these exercises refer as well to certain levels of the nervous system where the origin of the tension is located. The movements of Fang Song Gong allow us to become aware of hidden tension patterns, help us to release them and therefore also have a strong regulative effect. The exercises are very suitable for the daily practice at home because they are simple but effective and joyful. One of the exercises for example is named “good mood exercise”. Isn’t it obvious – being relaxed we are joyful and in a good mood. The Fang Song Gong set completes perfectly other Qi Gong exercises and gives a good base for Taiji practice.

Course schedule

Saturday & Sunday, 21-22.04.2018
from 10 am to 6 pm, lunch break 1-3pm.
The workshop wil be held in English with Polish translation.

Venue: Liceum im. Cervantesa

ul. Zakrzewska 24


Location on the map

Entrance (marked as ‘wejście’ on the picture) & parking:

You can get more info writing to kontakt@qigong.edu.pl or calling +48 602 440 660.