Nov28th -29th Workshop: Energy Centers – Daoist Meditation

This workshop is going to introduce us to the three energy-centers of the human being. We will also deal with the three energies and the three energetic bodies. 

The 3 energy-centers are called Dantien in Chinese. Literally this means cinnabar field. In this context cinnabar stands for something extremely precious which however needs to be gained and refined first. The word ‘field’ means a place of care and cultivation.

The model of the 3 Dantien underlies the concept of the 7 chakras, which are better known in the west. During the workshop we will learn exercises which enable us to get in contact with the three energy centers and to cultivate their energies.

The 3 energies refer to the three poles earth, heaven, human, whereas 3 bodies points to our physical, emotional and mental existence.

The 3 Dantien, 3 bodies and 3 energies determine each other, generate each other and are the expression of the same dynamic of energy in constant transformation and exchange.

In this workshop we will emphasize subtle deep inner perceptions. We will track and learn to understand the interaction between the 3 energies, the 3 Dantien and the 3 bodies as well as their impact on our organs, our life and wellbeing.

The workshop is dedicated to Qi Gong in stillness and meditation, but we will also learn exercises rooted in Qi Gong in motion, which simplify and support our learning.

The workshop is addressed to people who already practice Qi Gong as well as to absolute beginners.

Venue and schedule

conference room of ‘Dzielnicowe Biuro Finansów Oświaty’,
ul. Grochowska 262 (at the corner of Podskarbińska), Warszawa.
Saturday and Sunday,  Nov28th-29th 2015,
form 10:00 till 18:00, lunch break from 13:00 till 15:00.
Workhsop will be run in English and translated into Polish

How to register
Plase mail to: and transfer 50zł of advance payment to:
Ron Timm
30 1050 1025 1000 0092 1136 0012
title:  „ workshop Daoist Meditation”.
Additional info; +48 602 440 660.
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