Oct 3rd-4th Workshop: Elasticity and Change – Six Dragon Exercises

Dragon is a symbol of transformation and change. Dragons can change shape, size, personality, and domicile. The dragon’s body concentrates energy in its sinuous curves, and coils and uncoils to move along more quickly.

The dragon symbolizes unfathomable dynamism and all the potential of his form that combines the features of many animals. He has the head of a lion, the mane of a horse, the horns of a deer, the body of a serpent, it is covered with the scales of a fish, the claws of an eagle.

The dragon can lurk in watery depths, then streak aloft to the highest heavens, and its very gait is a continuous undulation.  He can constantly evolve with no fixed form; it can never be immobilized or penned in, never grasped.

During this workshop we will learn full Six Dragon Exercises. Usually exercises that involve twisting, turning, screwing, spiraling, curving, wiggling, undulating, spinning, sinking down and rising up, swimming, circling, swinging, or twining movements are often associated with serpents and dragons. Many dragon routines and sets are included also in Bagua Zhang.

The exercises we’ll learn, through their variety of movements, circling, stretching and twisting of the tissues will help increase elasticity of a body, its ligaments and tendons. Body’s elasticity in turn significantly increases range of motion in the joints, spine and internal organs. The exercises can also help to develop in you the ability to flow smoothly and adapt to change. All this makes the exercises that we will learn, ideal for every one of us.

Venue and schedule

conference room of ‘Dzielnicowe Biuro Finansów Oświaty’,
ul. Grochowska 262 (at the corner of Podskarbińska), Warszawa.
Saturday and Sunday,  Oct 3rd-4th 2015,
form 10:00 till 18:00, lunch break from 13:00 till 15:00.
Workhsop will be run in English and translated into Polish

How to register
Plase mail to: kontakt@qigong.edu.pl and transfer 50zł of advance payment to:
Ron Timm
30 1050 1025 1000 0092 1136 0012
title:  „ workshop Six Dragon Exercies”.
Additional info; +48 602 440 660.
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