Apr 1st 2017 – Stress, Burnout & Qigong

Stress, Burnout and Qi Gong – Water, Stillness, nourishing and cultivating Yin

The knowledge and the experience of traditional Chinese medicine as well as the practical qi gong exercises allow as a deep insight and understanding of energetic dynamics and tendencies that lead to stress and burnout.

In qi gong we approach the body as an energetic system. All physical actions and reactions are therefore expression or consequence of energetic tendencies. The modern phenomena of stress and burnout are signs of social but also personal energetic tendencies. The same tendencies we recognize on a global level where they lead do similar problems (waste of natural resources, heating up the atmosphere, national dept etc).

The term “burnout” originally relates to rocket technology and already says a lot about our actual idea of man. It stands for burning out physical and emotional resources and (life-) force.
Qi Gong however, since thousands of years, deals with directing, cultivating and conserving qi (life force).
In this workshop the deep knowledge and understanding that has been passed on through Qi Gong practice will be related and applied to the modern situation. We also will learn practices to make visible energetic tendencies, to counteract them and to reverse them if necessary.

Teacher: Ron Timm

Venue: conference hall of Dzielnicowe Biuro Finansów Oświaty, Grochowska Street 262, Warsaw

The seminar is taught in English with translation into Polish language.

More info:
602 440 660